Birthdaylist (germ. Geburtstagsliste)

The Birthdaylist (free)

Birthdaylist Pro (germ. GeblistePro)


For the operation are three permissions needed:

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEPermission to write data to the external memory. This is needed for DB backup function.
SEND_SMSThis permission allows sending SMS. Here to send the birthday SMS.
READ_CONTACTSThe permission allows access to the contacts. This is used when the ability to add contact details for the application.

The author of the app assured that these rights are used solely for the purposes described above. There are no data on the Internet or to secretly Mobile network transfer.

Upgrade to the Pro version

To make the transition smoothly, it is necessary to perform with the previous version until a data backup. Menu, point person, then menu option DB backup. Close the program and then uninstall. The Pro version of the store download and install.
If the application is launched, the app convert the backup and reads the data into the new application. The program is now ready for use.



For this app, a widget is now included, with the easy, without having to start the program displays who and how many people have a birthday. Have more than one person's birthday, you may see the alphabetically first entry and in the heading the number of people.
Clicking on the widget opens the app.

Add a contact from the contact application

In the Pro version, it is now possible to load in addition to manual entry, and data from the Contacts application. For this it is only required to + button to click, the last name. It then opens the contact with the application List of entries. Clicking on an entry is sufficient to transfer the data.
If multiple phone numbers or e-mail addresses are kept appear each a selection box where the desired phone number and e-mail address can be ausgeählt. There is thus also the possibility, an existing entry from the birthday list To update this way.
The Category field, that is default on the entry Formalities is used, choosing the right mail text, see below.

Mail funktion

Also new is the ability to send someone Birthday SMS or e-mail. There are three different email texts available to the group of people can be cared for accordingly.
If a formal mail or text message is sent, previously selected by a selection box Title.
Once the relevant data have been maintained, appears on the Start screen, a green button that says Mail. Clicking the button sends a message to the birthday child. The button will turn red. This shows is that a text message or e-mail has been sent. The state is saved, even after a new start the app.
Are both stored in the record an e-mail address and a phone number that appears when you send the message, a selection box that you can choose whether you want to send a text message or an e-mail.